Volkswagen Maidenhead servicing from Harper Motors in Maidenhead - call 01628 500999

Last time I had to get my car serviced I was lucky enough to have Harper Motors to call on, but I now live over an hour away from them. As a result I decided I needed to look around for an alternative.

Harper Motors are Volkswagen Maidenhead servicing specialists, though this also includes the full range of Volkswagen, Audi Group of cars including Seat and Skoda car. However, I have a Ford, so I thought it would be just as good to look around for a garage near to me instead of travelling for over an hour to get my car serviced – wouldn’t mind if I lived close enough for the free collection and delivery service, but I don’t. So I started looking around and I soon realised there is no easy way to determine if a company is going to be good or bad. I have been taking my car to Harper Motors for over thirty years, so it seemed very strange to be looking for a new garage. It was then that I realised that I needed a garage I could trust – after all, if something goes wrong with my car, then it is not just my life that is at stake, it’s my kids as well.
So I needed to take my car to someone I can trust, someone with the experience needed to fully service my car and someone that won’t rip me off at the same time.
In that moment I made a simple decision, even though I don’t live in Maidenhead, even though I don’t have a Volkswagen, Even though I live too far away for the collection and delivery service, I know I can trust Harper Motors. They have been looking after my cars for over thirty years and I want them to continue looking after my safety and security when I am travelling around. So this week I am booking my car in for an MOT and full service, just as I have always done and will continue to do.

Yes, if you live in Maidenhead and you have a Volkswagen that is due for a  service, then Harper
Motors should be you first point of call, but they are not just about VW servicing in Maidenhead, they will service any car from anyone , anywhere.

For Volkswagen car servicing in Maidenhead, simply call Harper Motors on 01628 500999.


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