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Free Winter Safety Check for Your Car in Maidenhead

It's January and the weather is finally starting to turn wintery, which means this is the time of years when your car is most likely to let you down. You want to know that when you go out in the morning your car will start, take you where you want to go and get you home again in safely. The last thing you want is to find yourself stranded in the rain on a dark winter's evening miles from home.

There are four key things that you should check at this time of year, they are your tyres, battery, anti-freeze and lights.

You need to ensure that your battery is charged and that it can hold the charge. When batteries start to wear out they tend to lose their check quickly so you could be out somewhere and suddenly find you can't start your car after work or shopping.

You need to make sure your tyres have plenty of tread on them and that they are pumped up to the correct pressure. If the pressure is wrong …