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White Christmas - Bing Crosby

One of the all time classics. First released in 1942, this song took the world by storm, Bing Crosby's most famous song and the world's most purchased song.

White Christmas is played the world over and continues to be the most popular christmas song ever.

Merry Christmas

Car Servicing Maidenhead with Harper Motors - 01628 500999

When your car needs servicing in Maidenhead, you need to know
that you have a garage that has the expertise, equipment and knowledge to
provide you with the most economic, effective, trust worthy result. There are so many garages to choose from in Maidenhead and
you need to know that the one you choose will work hard to ensure you come back
to them time and time again.
Harper Motors: ·
Car servicing in Maidenhead ·
Car servicing you can trust ·
The right garage in Maidenhead ·
Trusted mechanic in Maidenhead

Looking for Farnham Common Skoda

Are you missing Skoda Farnham Common? Despite the bad press and local upset over the closure of
the Skoda garage in Farnham Common, it seems that Harper Motors is benefiting
from the new customers. If you used the Skoda garage in Farnham Common, how did
you feel when it was closed? Many simply went elsewhere and no all stayed with the dealer
network. If you chose Harper Motors to replace Farnham Common Skoda,
then there is a good chance you chose them for one of these reasons: ·
The technical equipment they have that allows
them to fully service and program your car, without having to go to main dealer ·
The years of experience working with Skoda cars,
which ensures you are dealing with individuals that understand your car
completely. ·
The keen pricing of their service, providing the
best service and repair for less – it’s always good when you can save money. ·
The convenient location making it easy to get to
and convenient. Whatever the reason you choose to take your car to Harper
Motors, you c…

Back to School Car Servicing in Maidenhead – Harper Motors – 01628 500999


So how was your summer? Did you get out and about in your
car enjoying the fine weather, taking the kids out for weekends and of cause
your summer holiday?
Provided you have been regularly servicing your car, the
chances are it looked after you throughout the spring and summer, but the
weather is going to be changing over the next few weeks and you need your car
for the school run.
The last thing you want is to be sitting on the drive on a
cold morning, kids tired and cold, trying to get your car started. The best way
to make sure your car continues to look after you throughout the winter is to
get a service done now in Maidenhead.
Harper Motors car servicing in Maidenhead will ensure your
car is ready for the autumn and winter. When you are in a hurry to get to
school in the morning, having a car that you can depend on is a must.
The service will include all the key checks you need to
ensure your car is good to go, including checking your battery…

Farnham Common Skoda Closed Try Harper Motors Maidenhead

The Skoda garage at Farnham Common recently closed down
leaving a lot of their customers with a long drive to Aylesbury if they want to
get their car serviced or repaired by a specialist. For those that live to the north of Farnham Common that may
be the closest location, but for those to the south, Harper Motors in
Maidenhead make a much closer choice as well as a wise choice. Harper Motors have been in business for over 30 years and
have the specialist equipment to fully monitor, diagnose and service the full
range of Skoda cars. But having the specialist equipment is just the start of
it, the many years of dedicated and unbroken service to car owners of all the
VW, Audi Group of cars ensure that Harper Motors have the added knowledge and
experience to ensure you get the right advice at the right price. No matter what Skoda you have, with the Farnham Common
garage no longer available, come to Harper Motors in Maidenhead and let Mike
and the team keep your car running like a dream. Harpe…